Thursday, July 23, 2015

CompTIA Security Plus Exam

CompTIA Security Plus
ComTIA Security + Certificed
I know I haven't been keeping up to date with a lot of the exams and other assessments that are out there.  I've been battling with what to study for and where I want to be in the next few years.  So, instead of doing nothing, I've decided to do something and see where it goes.

Just last week I passed the CompTIA Security Plus exam .  Since, I am doing technical work, might as well become certified in it.   So in the next couple of blog posts I'll share my study resources, methods, and habits in order to pass this test.   There are so many people who struggle with this test and I am one of them.  I failed this test (2) years ago and decided to buckle down and give it another shot.

So, stay tuned for more information about passing this test... 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Currently Studying for Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

High Level: Input and Output Process

Completing my Masters in Applied Information Technology, I was introduced into the world of Project Management.   Thinking to myself about this profession, it is very similar to teaching just in a different environment, different terminology, and dealing with money.  However, they Teaching and Project Managers (PM) are focusing on the same processes: What you put into the classroom (project) your output should be modified in some form or fashion.

A Teacher teaches a student and the Student in turn teaches another or utilizes what was taught to apply it to other aspects in life.

A Project Manager takes the Business requirements (usually documented) and mold it into a unique item and/or service that the business wants.

Understanding this concept, I have gravitated toward this profession.

Please follow along as I take you through my journey of studying for the PMP Certifcation (some time this year.)

For more information about the Certification please go here:

Friday, March 22, 2013

Knowing What you Don't Know

Venus Passing the sun (source =
"Knowing what you don't know" is something to think about when you approaching any task.  Understanding your limits of what you know can help you understand what you REALLY don't know.

When you come to an obstacle, let's say a test.  You think of all the ways to complete the task in a timely fashion.  For all the Praxis tests, any other test for that matter, skip to the ones you know how to do without thinking, then move to the next set of problems until you are stuck with all the difficult ones.

(Note: Jumping around does not work for everyone.)

If you don't have a strategy of how to take on a particular test, then make up one quick.  Most people take things as they come.  If you know the answer or feel you know something about the question at hand. Answer it to the best of your knowledge. Since the results for the Praxis are calculated behind the scenes, all you can do is just prey everything is correct.

If you feel uncomfortable of taking a test in a particular subject


Understand It

Master It.

 The "IT" is up to you decide.  Life is all about choices. So make the right choice to obtain new skills.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Passing Praxis: How to Study for a Test

The Basic Outline

Okay, back to the basics.

I'm sure you are wondering how should you go about studying for Praxis I test and Praxis II test.

The steps are simple but the process is difficult.

Understand your learning style is key to understanding the test as a whole.

go to "

Next take a look at what topics are going to be covered in the test.  You can find this at   Just search for your test and take a look at what is covered.

Brush up on what you already know and research the other topics.

A good strategy to searching google is to use the 'applet' command when searching.  (e.g. polynomial applet) This will give you all the java applet programs that will show you how to do polynomials.

Lastly,  combine your learning style with the new topics to teach yourself.  

Once you get use to this method you will be able to master pretty much any topic test.

Happy Testing

Friday, March 16, 2012

Passing Praxis: 10 Steps to a Passing Score

It's all about WINNING!
image from

     It's been a rough semester and not enough time to update the blog in a while.  Through my time from the blog I have came to realize that there is not much to do to be successful in any of the tests that ETS gives out.  Though it is really up to you on how to answer and perceive the question.


See What You are Getting Into:

  Do not perceive anything that you read. That is your first mistake! Take it literally and reply back to the question as it is being asked.  Take a look at the Preparation Materials  here : ETS has virtually everything you need to study and pass the test.  You can take their advice and purchase some study guides at your local book store and/or library.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Passing Praxis II: Principals of Learning and Teaching

 I would like to let you know that there is a NEW test that is added to all subject areas called Principals of Learning and Teaching (PLT).  According to they state, "Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Tests. These assessments measure your general pedagogical knowledge at four grade levels: Early Childhood, K–6, 5–9, and 7–12. These tests feature constructed-response and multiple-choice items." (pg6. of

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Passing Praxis: Passing Praxis II Middle School Mathematics (0069)

I finally PASSED this beast of a test on my first try, for the state of Maryland!  However, I do encourage you to do the best you can do in your studies.

By coming to this site, I am sure you are using your resources to gain a better understanding of what you are about to get into.

So here is what I have to say about preparing and passing this test.  Especially if you only have ONE month do so...

Ahhh.. It's time to take your test in a MONTH! YES A MONTH!  What do you do?  You have a life and study time is on the back burner.


Well, let's try to find time within your schedule for a test that will pull all kinds of emotions, thinking skills, and lots and lots of patience.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Passing Praxis: Self-Awareness

I have been busy finishing up work for all my classes and studying for Praxis Exam 0069.  However, I would like to talk about Self-Awareness.


Passing the Praxis exam seems to be one of the hardest things for people to pass.  I have a problem of understanding why people are not passing the test within their first 3 times of taking the exam.  I can understand why some people are not doing well on the pedagogy test in Praxis II.  However, I do not understand why people complain at everyone else instead of looking at themselves.  This is not a post to blast the people who have not passed, but a post to grasp the understanding of why people fail so many times.
As an Elementary Education Major at Morgan State, I noticed that the importance to study for such an exam does not seem to worry a lot of the students.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Passing Praxis: Understanding Pedagogy

Adults are models for the Youth
    If you are just getting into your subject or just want to know more about teaching, then this blog post if for you.  Are you that person who wants to score high on the exam or a person who just want to pass the test and get it over with?  Then this post is for you.   For those of you who are about to take the Praxis II exam, I suggest taking a look at 5 Steps for Preparing for Praxis 2 (0012).   In this post I will help you understand the "art" of Pedagogy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Passing Praxis: Understanding Praxis I Mathematics Test

Passing Praxis I Mathematics test (Computer and Paper) it is best to take a look at what you are getting yourself into.  Praxis I Math test is composed of 4 major areas in mathematics that you should have covered in Junior High and High School.  ETS -  Educational Testing Service states that " Pre-Professional Skills Test in Mathematics measures those mathematical skills and concepts that an educated adult might need.
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