Monday, March 21, 2011

5 Steps for Preparing for Praxis 2 (0012)

Praxis is the Educational Testing Services's (ETS) shorthand for Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers of a particular content area.  You can look at the Praxis tests as certifications in the education field of study.  I am using Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Area Exercise test as an example for what to expect when you have to take the pedagogy test for any other subject area.

The Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Area Exercises (0012) test is required in seven U.S. states: Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.  Content Area test "measures how well prospective teachers of students in the elementary grades can respond to extended exercises that require thoughtful, written responses. " ( You will be given four essay exercises that are based on a particular subject area (or integrated subject area) in some kind of classroom situation.  Keep in mind that not all children learn on the same level and same way.  Each question on the test is about 30 minutes long. So about two hours it will take for the whole test.  Written test will be a little longer because people usually take their time going through the rules and regulations.  However, people cannot keep track of their time so you may luck out with an extra 10 to 15 minutes.  So here are the best 5 pratices for preparing for Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Area Exercises (0012)

1.) Respect your body.
     Your body is your temple.  You need to take care of it. Feed it. Exercises it. Relax it.  I cannot stress this enough.  If you are stressed out over this test, relax, eat something, and do some exercises. Groom your body hair.  You'll be surprised on how good you feel after having your body feeling "fresh."

2.) Study, Study, Study
     Each person has their own way to study for a test.  Some people are hands on and learn from mistakes. Start by taking a practice test.  Match your responses to the responses that were given in your study guide. You will notice in the answers they used "Key words" to capture the readers eyes.  Even if you do not know much about the different approaches.  Throw the word in there and move on.  I found the Research & Education Association (REA) book study guide series very helpful in passing the Praxis on my first try.  Give yourself at least a month to study for the test and take as many tests that you can find.

3.) Get a Study Area.
     You need a place to study within your home, workplace (during lunch of course), or find a library to sit to get your study on.  In your study area there should be lots of space to spread out your notes to get a clear look at what you can use in your arsenal.

4.) Observe your surrounding.
     Up your observation skills.  Watch your teacher or go to a school and sit in a classroom.  Watch how a teacher use different methods to grab the attention of every student and uses different methods to relay the information.  Try to use the methods but see if you can use "key words" to describe what someone is doing.  Such as "I do, we do, you do." where the teacher demonstrates, the student and the teacher do the activity, then the students do the activity by themselves (group/independent).  

5.) Be prepared.
     Register for your test way ahead of time, so you do not pay the late fee. Prepare to wear some comfortable clothes, the place could be cold.  Check and bring your registration ticket for arrival time.  Bring two or  more sharpened #2 pencils.  Wear a watch, you will not be able to use your phones for time.  Do not drink or eat to much before the test, there will not be room for you to take a potty break. Do not study the morning of your test.  You may forget some things.

Remember the test is 2 hours long so pace yourself well when studying and you will do fine on test day. If you are ready, sign up at


Anonymous said...

Great article.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting this together. I felt great and well prepared for my test today.

Praxis II test said...

I am totally agree every single thing you said in your Praxis II blogs, you know first I also think it’s just a test I will study and crack that test but after so many efforts I was unable to crack it. It made me so disappointed that I thought of back out but then someone guide me and help me in preparing the test, they exactly tell the same things like math score, content knowledge, reading different books, etc. which I was totally unaware..Thanks for sharing your experience here.
Praxis II test

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