Saturday, January 22, 2011

Passing Praxis 2 (pedagogy) 0012

Teaching students
     Pedagogy in short is the art or science of teaching. Understanding this concept will be a bonus in criticizing and evaluating the case study that is being asked. In this test there are four case studies (questions) that you will have to answer within two hours (30 minutes each). However, some of the questions may take longer than others to answer. Take a look at JULIE O'CONNELL book that I used for studying for such a beastly test. The price has dropped since I purchased mine last fall. To pass this test you will need to include in just about every answer some if not all of the following. Keep in mind to write in CURSIVE.

1.) Incentives.
By definition incentives are something that incites or tends to incite to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for increased productivity. Yes, little bites of candy, stickers, extra points, a free pass to the candy jar, etc. will show that you really care for the students productivity instead of just them learning the material for their own good. So find a way to give the children something to work for.

2.) Praise
 By definition, defines praise as the act of expressing approval or admiration; commendation; laudation. Praise your students for doing a good job on their work. This will help with the encouragement and self-esteem that the students need when they are young. Heck, even grown ups love to hear some praise from the managers for doing a good job. Surprisingly praising a staff member is almost like giving someone a raise in their paycheck. Trust me, anyone that does not feel confident in their work will work harder if they hear some praise from someone.

3.) Mini Lessons
Take the time to study mini lessons for all of the subjects that will be covered in the test. Math, Science, Reading, Social studies and Interdisciplinary mini lessons are easy to remember. I am sure in your current courses you have written many lesson plans and presented several of them throughout the semester. If not you will soon do so. One site to take a look at is:

4.) Teaching models
 There are several teaching models to use within the classroom.  You will have to find the one that best suits your teaching needs. I prefer the I do, we do, you do model of teaching because it transfers the knowledge from the teacher to the students. The I do portion is of course, you the teacher, who will demonstrate how something is to be done.  We do, gives the students the chance to mimic the teacher as he/she is doing the activity.  You do, is the students time to shine and show off their skills.  Some people may call it independent work, but whatever.  Within the test it is best to state which model you plan to use so the reader can tell you know what you are really doing.

I will suggest mastering mini lessons while incorporating praise and incentives.  Mastering writing mini lessons on your own will help with your speed and accuracy on the test.  I managed to finish the test with about 10 minutes to go back and edit any grammatical errors and dot my i's and cross my t's.  STUDY STUDY STUDY.

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