Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Praxis Information You Need To Know

Since starting this blog I have been bombarded with questions that could have been easily answered through the (ETS) Educational Testing Service (nonprofit private educational testing and measurement organization) website  The site is fairly confusing but all the information you need is there.  So I decided to come up with a NEED TO KNOW Q and A for those basic questions so you can become a certified teacher in your state.  I will be using Maryland Praxis requirements for the examples, since thats where I'm obtaining my certificate and degree. 

 Q. What Praxis Tests do I register for?
 A. For all first time takers of the praxis, you are to register for praxis 1 series of tests.  These tests are similar to taking the SAT's or GRE.  Recently, last fall, ETS allowed people who have passed their SAT's with a 1000 or higher scores after 2001 to be exempted from taking the Praxis 1 series. For those who have to take it you can find your test requirements for your state located on  Here is an example for Maryland State requirements: For Praxis 1 you will need to register for the following paper tests: PPST Writing 710, PPST Reading 720, and PPST Math 730.  (For the computer tests just put a "5" at the front of the number. example CPPST 5710.)
For Praxis 2 test you will need to register for the following: Elementary Education: Content Knowledge 0014 and Elementary Education: Content Area Exercises 0012. (For the computer tests just put a "5" at the front of the number. example Elementary Education: Content Area Exercises 5014.

Once you know what you need the next step is your test location and preference for which test you feel that you'll be best suited to pass the test.  I am a technology person but still prefer the old fashion graphite to tree method. I just do not trust computers when it comes to taking tests. If your school or even yourself have access to PLATO, a program that is geared towards taking the praxis online and will help you with your weakness in particular topics that will be featured on the test.  Good luck in your adventures and may the force be with you.


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David Lee said...

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