Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally Passed Praxis I & II

Yes, I finally passed Praxis 1 and 2 based on the required scores for the State of Maryland.  Though they were not the easiest tests to study for but the results were very rewarding because I do not have to worry about taking any more certifications until I choose to do any more.

My mind set before going into the test center was grievous.  I hate tests and usually do not do well with them.  However, I know that I know the basic computational skills for mathematics and simple understanding of reading and writing.  I really hate the English language because of all the clauses and sentence structure.  Math, on the other hand, is pretty straight forward, you have the hypothesis and clause. That's it.

A gruesome week at home, study every night for Praxis I. Below is a snippet of what I would do if I were to take all three tests at one time.

WEEK 1 Day in and day out I would practice my math skills for a week and at the end of that week I would do the practice test. I treated each test as if it was test day.

WEEK 2 The next week I studied for writing, since that was my second strongest subject, did the practice test.

WEEK 3 Finally, I did reading for a week and a half because of the minor mistakes I would make in recognizing if a paragraph is written wrong or not.  Then I did the practice test.

WEEK 4 That next week I did two days of math , two days of writing and two days of reading so by the weekend comes around I would do all three practice tests in one sitting.

Since my success with the Praxis series I am and willing to continue to provide you with more resources and materials to pass the test that you need to start and/or continue your profession.  Please let me know if this was helpful and/or if you have something you want to share with everyone.

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