Sunday, April 17, 2011

Passing Praxis: Understanding Pedagogy

Adults are models for the Youth
    If you are just getting into your subject or just want to know more about teaching, then this blog post if for you.  Are you that person who wants to score high on the exam or a person who just want to pass the test and get it over with?  Then this post is for you.   For those of you who are about to take the Praxis II exam, I suggest taking a look at 5 Steps for Preparing for Praxis 2 (0012).   In this post I will help you understand the "art" of Pedagogy.

     Pedagogy is the art or science of teaching.  Teaching can be debatable on whether you are born to teach or taught to teach.  Many theorist pick one side based on their research. However, we all know that nature vs. nurture is really up to the way a person grasps information from their environment, community, and people they come in contact with throughout their lives.  We must remember that we are a "sum of our life experiences" - (Dr. Johnson at Morgan State University)  We have our own perspectives on what is important and what we sort of don't care.

     Here is a small scenario. I live in Baltimore City were police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks can be heard all hours of the night.  I can sleep through all the sirens and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.   Lets say one day someone were to break in my house while I am sleeping.  The alarm goes off, the police sirens are going off and everything.  They come knocking at my door. I am still sleep.  Why?  Because I am a sum of my life experiences.  The sirens are like cricket noises to me.  I can dream about taking long walks in the park at night with my lady.

Teacher using resources to make learning meaningful.

     What I want you understand is that when you are in front of your children, or even imaginary children whom you have to write about in the exam, you must learn your children life experiences and have high expectations for each of them.  Keep in mind that a parent always want the best for their child(ren).  So, you as a professional must take your classes in Education serious and be sure to come up with creative ways to incorporate practical activities for children to put what is theory into something meaningful.

If you have any comments, or suggestions please do so down below.  We, as educators of the future, want to show the world to the minds of the youth and bring forth new ideas to the world we live in and beyond.  

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Erika said...

I am intrigued and inspired by this post. The notion of pedagogy is rarely discussed out of the education classroom at the collegiate level and I am encouraged by what you have written. I do believe one's style of teaching is partly driven by one's life experience. A teacher must also evaluate those experiences with the ones of their students to further cultivate the classroom environment for a child. I believe it goes back to how much one is willing to invest, personally, in order to see the best results in the classroom. The trouble in education is that some teachers are not willing to take steps to enhance their craft because they see this work as just another 'job'. This is all something to ponder.

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