Saturday, April 9, 2011

Passing Praxis: Understanding Praxis I Mathematics Test

Passing Praxis I Mathematics test (Computer and Paper) it is best to take a look at what you are getting yourself into.  Praxis I Math test is composed of 4 major areas in mathematics that you should have covered in Junior High and High School.  ETS -  Educational Testing Service states that " Pre-Professional Skills Test in Mathematics measures those mathematical skills and concepts that an educated adult might need.
It focuses on the key concepts of mathematics and on the ability to solve problems and to reason in a quantitative context."  However, understanding the arithmetic is just half the battle.  You must also know the mathematical language that will be used, such as area, perimeter (definition 3), ratio (definition 1), integer, factor (definition 2) and prime number. I will expose you to the different types of questions and language you must know. Below you will see that there are videos to help explain each key concept that will be covered in Praxis I Math test.

Area covered in the test are:
Number and  Operations consists of the following:

  • Order
  • Equivalence
  • Numeration and Place Value
  • Number Properties
  • Operation Properties
  • Computation
  • Estimation
  • Ratio, Proportion, and percent
  • Numerical Reasoning

Algebra consists of the following:

  • Equations and inequalities
  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Patterns
  • Algebraic Representation
  • Algebraic Reasoning

Geometry and Measurement consists of the following:

  •  Geometric Properties
  • The xy-Coordinate Plane
  • Geometric Reasoning
  • Systems of Measurement
  • Measurement
Data Analysis and Probability consists of the following:

  • Data Interpretation
  • Data Representation
  • Trends and Inferences
  • Measures of Center and Spread
  • Probability
Since each of these categories so seem to be pretty "wordy" I suggest to look up the definition of the words to gain a better understanding of what is being asked of you.  If you need more exercises and work sheets to study please take a look at the Math section.  Do you have any suggestions or comments related to this topic? I would like to hear from you. 


Tennesseekid5 said...

Over the years I have seen many Praxis I tools on the internet but you blog is by far one of the most unique and helpful. I would recommend this site to anyone trying to pass Praxis I to take time to visit. I think anyone would find that this blog is definitely worth their time, and will return again and again. The site is not something to be covered in one shot. Please take the time to really look at the content and helpful links for review and interact with them. There is something here for all educators who expect to take and pass the Praxis I Exam. Great job!

David Lee said...

I have heard that this exam is very tough to clear but at the same time it is sufficient enough to guide you toward a brighter teaching carrier

Mr. Weaver said...


The math test is not really hard at all. Just have to know why you are doing, what you are doing.

"What you think you know could be something useful now, but might not be if conditions change."

David Lee said...

Thanks Mr. Weaver for your valuable suggestion, Now after this I am very much determine to cope with the Praxis maths exam.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if you are given a formula sheet to use during the exam?

Anonymous said...

No formula sheet is given for the praxis its all based on memory and doing the work

UGC Net said...

Collection of 2000 MCQ for teaching aptitude is available to download. It helps for Praxis test

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