Sunday, April 3, 2011

Passing Praxis: Writting Format Made Easy

Praxis writing is all about communication, the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.  You have to inform the reader that you are qualified to do the work.  You must demonstrate in detail about what you want to do, how you are going to do it, and why you are doing it for every step in your lesson and/or essay.
Here is what ETS is looking for when you are doing your writing your paper.  I am only posting the score of a 6 because this is the score that you want to have.  If you fail to get here at least you can get about a 5 or even a 4 for your response. 

A 6 essay demonstrates a high degree of competence in response to the assignment but may have a few minor errors.
An essay in this category
  • states or clearly implies the writer's position or thesis
  • organizes and develops ideas logically, making insightful connections between them
  • clearly explains key ideas, supporting them with well chosen reasons, examples, or details
  • displays effective sentence variety
  • clearly displays facility in the use of language
  • is generally free from errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics
Understanding what is asked in your question is key.  Since you are able to keep notes on your test sheet, which is good so the reader can see your thought process, I suggest that you bullet what is being asked. Once you have your bullets aligned, answer each bullet and give an example.  They are also looking for academic language such as Bloom's taxonomy, running record, teacher model, and so forth.

Passing Praxis 2 I gave a great outline on a way to make your writing, speech or what have you affective to the listeners and/or readers. I do encourage you to try to formulate a quick speech paragraph using the picture below.  I did use this for a 6th grade class and they were all successful in formulating a well prepared speech.  The kids were to formulate a persuasive speech to encourage everyone to come to their destination place.

Let me know you feel that this was helpful in anyway.  


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