Monday, May 9, 2011

Passing Praxis: Self-Awareness

I have been busy finishing up work for all my classes and studying for Praxis Exam 0069.  However, I would like to talk about Self-Awareness.


Passing the Praxis exam seems to be one of the hardest things for people to pass.  I have a problem of understanding why people are not passing the test within their first 3 times of taking the exam.  I can understand why some people are not doing well on the pedagogy test in Praxis II.  However, I do not understand why people complain at everyone else instead of looking at themselves.  This is not a post to blast the people who have not passed, but a post to grasp the understanding of why people fail so many times.
As an Elementary Education Major at Morgan State, I noticed that the importance to study for such an exam does not seem to worry a lot of the students.
Yet, it is graduation time and several students who did not take the exam serious in the past are now being held back until they pass the exam.
I guess I just don’t understand why people wait for the last minute to get things together when everything they need to practice and pass the test are available to them.

So, passing this test is really is as hard as you make it.  Either you are prepared or you are not.  For example.  Let’s just say a tornado is on its way to your house and you have twenty minutes to evacuate.  Are you that person who have the proper survival tools that you need ready to be put to use? Are you that person who say, “Oh I have twenty minutes. Let me gather my things now.”?  You as a person are to be prepared at all times especially when you are have the resources and know the basic outcomes if you are not prepared for the situation.  A great basket ball player does not become great by just putting on a jersey, some hooping shorts, socks and shoes.   They became great by practicing over and over again the same routines, same shots, and by playing on different courts.  They expose themselves to different environments because they never know if there might be a basketball game on concrete, hardwood floor, or even on the dirt.

Passing the test is really up to you.  You must know the best way you learn.  Some people learn by kin-esthetic, Auditory, or Visual.   gives you a clear understanding of the different types of learning styles.  Once you understand how you learn.  You must make sure everything is in that type of format or make it look into the form that you understand the material.
I encourage you to master your style of learning and study the material that is needed for the Praxis I and II test.  If you are not planning on taking the Praxis I and/or Praxis II exams, I would like for you to use this knowledge to increase your learning potential to be the best that you can be for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective. You have given some interesting tips also. Keep it up.

David Lee said...

Nice tips and information which will help everyone while giving Praxis exams. Thanks for posting such kind of nice information

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