Sunday, August 28, 2011

Passing Praxis: Passing Praxis II Middle School Mathematics (0069)

I finally PASSED this beast of a test on my first try, for the state of Maryland!  However, I do encourage you to do the best you can do in your studies.

By coming to this site, I am sure you are using your resources to gain a better understanding of what you are about to get into.

So here is what I have to say about preparing and passing this test.  Especially if you only have ONE month do so...

Ahhh.. It's time to take your test in a MONTH! YES A MONTH!  What do you do?  You have a life and study time is on the back burner.


Well, let's try to find time within your schedule for a test that will pull all kinds of emotions, thinking skills, and lots and lots of patience.

The studying for the praxis ii test 0069: Middle School Mathematics, just like any other test, will require some sort of discipline within yourself and how you function under pressure.

Your thinking skills will have to be on point.  Since you only have two measly hours to complete 43 problems including three brief constructed response answer questions.

However, REA (Research and Educational Association) let me down on this particular test.

The book starts out great by giving you many definitions that you will encounter in all areas of mathematics. 

REA have made several visual mistakes when explaining how an answer is correct.

I recall over looking a description of a problem and they chose the wrong answer when their explanation clearly is for another answer.

My suggestions to pass this test are to obtain a calculus book, an abstract algebra book, and a praxis test 0069 over view book.

JUST MAKE SURE IT IS NOT REA! Especially if you are sorta new to mathematics.

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