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Passing Praxis: 10 Steps to a Passing Score

It's all about WINNING!
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     It's been a rough semester and not enough time to update the blog in a while.  Through my time from the blog I have came to realize that there is not much to do to be successful in any of the tests that ETS gives out.  Though it is really up to you on how to answer and perceive the question.


See What You are Getting Into:

  Do not perceive anything that you read. That is your first mistake! Take it literally and reply back to the question as it is being asked.  Take a look at the Preparation Materials  here : ETS has virtually everything you need to study and pass the test.  You can take their advice and purchase some study guides at your local book store and/or library.


Take your time and pace your self.

I know this sounds crazy, but don't look at the clock when you are working.  Time will work in your favor as long as you continue to work.  Ever notice that when you don't want time to move quickly you start looking at the clock and it seems to move faster than what you thought?  Or better yet when you are at work and you have 5 minutes left.  You sitting there just counting down the time and it seems to take 15 minutes.  Time is something that you have to let go and stay at your own pace.  You'll do fine.


Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice makes better. Sometimes Perfect.  Do as many practice tests as you can find.  Try to stay around 3 to 4 practice tests.  Most books will have about 2 - 3 practice tests in them.  If you know a buddy who has an older book than the one you currently have.  Take a look at the tests and go through them as if its the real things. Trust me, you'll thank me later.


Plenty of sleep!

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Mom and/or Dad always say, "Get plenty of rest for your big day tomorrow." or something crazy like that when you are going to the doctors to get a shot in the arm. Which will hurt IMMEDIATELY, but will help you out in the long run.  The body craves four things: Food, Affection, Sleep, and Water. (check out Dr. Oz's article "5 Secrets to a Better You" ) So, get some sleep!  (check out Samuel Jackson's bed time story at "Go the Fok to Sleep" )


Find Your Happy Place

There is nothing like home. There is nothing like home. There is nothing like home.  However, you are not running around with some puppy and have on red sparkly slippers either.  So, yeah, find your happy place.  Or some of you may call it a Zenful place.  Be a peace with your mind and get away from all the distractions in your environment.  Take a few minutes or so to calm down from the day before you dive into studying for the test.  Taking this time will be very beneficial in your everyday routine.  Finding that happy place will help relieve stress and anxiety.  I like to listen to jazz music ( / SmoothJazz 24'7) to clear my head as I'm doing my studies or just want to "get away" from the environment without really going anywhere.


Eat What you Like!

Simply said but not easily done.  The night before the test eat your favorite meal of the day for dinner.  I like to eat cereal all day everyday.  So, the night before taking a test like this, you'll find me chomping down on some corn Chex cereal.  I know it does not have the best nutrients, but it makes me happy! Eat what makes you happy for this one night and have a great time on that test the next day.


Wash Your Body

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Do you ever feel lighter when you get out of the shower? You want to feel like this guy?  Enjoying a good ol' bath keeps your mind and body clean.  Before you go to bed take a nice bath.  Get rid of all the dirt that was collected throughout the day.  And free your mind.  Not to much, because you don't want to drop the soap.


Eat a healthy snack in the Morning

You will feel much better and not bogged down by empty calorie foods.  The healthy foods are, of course, your vegetables and fruits.  You dont need much more.  Granted the test is about 7 am.  You can still grab a quick bowl of Cereal :-) or just do one pancake instead of 3 that you usually have.  The idea is to have something in your stomach and to not put you into a food coma, some people call it the 'itis'.  


Check list

There is a section at that tells you all that you need to bring with you on test day. It's called 'On Test Day' Having this list will make the day go even better to know that you have everything ready to go.  Just put all the stuff in a bag and put it by the door, the night before, so you can quote the raven "Never More." 


Review the Test

Take a quick look over the materials and do one last test about two hours before your bed time. This would give you time to look over everything and still have time for dinner and your final rest for the day. 


Please leave a comment on what would really help you or others pass this test?


Anonymous said...

Great tips. I could really use these for other assessments. Keep bringing more test tips.

David Lee said...

Thanks for providing this tips. i found them genuine and I am sure it will help us while giving praxis exam.

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