Friday, March 30, 2012

Passing Praxis: How to Study for a Test

The Basic Outline

Okay, back to the basics.

I'm sure you are wondering how should you go about studying for Praxis I test and Praxis II test.

The steps are simple but the process is difficult.

Understand your learning style is key to understanding the test as a whole.

go to "

Next take a look at what topics are going to be covered in the test.  You can find this at   Just search for your test and take a look at what is covered.

Brush up on what you already know and research the other topics.

A good strategy to searching google is to use the 'applet' command when searching.  (e.g. polynomial applet) This will give you all the java applet programs that will show you how to do polynomials.

Lastly,  combine your learning style with the new topics to teach yourself.  

Once you get use to this method you will be able to master pretty much any topic test.

Happy Testing

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David Lee said...

Praxis 2 Math is a very good exam and it is the best way to build carrier in mathematics teaching line. ALso your blog is very nice and it will help a lot to prepare for Praxis 2 math exam.

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