MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!  - ABBA (great song)

Yes, this section will be about money.  Where, how and what to do to obtain it for school.  There has been a jump in interest of getting more money to teachers and people who want to be teachers. So, take advantage of it all because you deserve it!

Scholarship Seeker

Towson University lists new scholarships as they become available for their students.  However, these scholarships are not directed only to Towson University students. Take a look and see what scholarship is best for you.

Senatorial Scholarship

Maryland had scholarship money for undergrad and graduate students.  You will have to contact your senator's office via email.  You must include your name, address, email address and phone number, so they can mail you your application.  Each Senator and Delegate have different requirements to email everyone for your district. 

Fast Web

Great site to keep track of your scholarships and deadlines for the ones you are interested. Create a profile and Fastweb will do the rest.  You'll be surprised on what you are actually qualified for now days. (i.e. Left handed, long hair, Only child, first time graduate in family, military, etc. )

Check your school's website and financial aid office.  Usually there are scholarships and grants just for being a student at that school.  Talk to your advisor or department head about scholarships that are out there for your major.  You may meet the criteria for the funds.  GET THAT MONEY!

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