WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!!  Here You will rediscovery the world around you through the eyes of a child and hopefully find new ways to view the world around you.  Please feel free to add feedback and/or resources that many educators around the world could use.  (NOTE: THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED PERIODICALLY WITH QUALITY SOURCES THROUGHOUT THE NET.)

Below will be a list of sites that will be great resources for teaching science.  Some may find it easier do interdisciplinary activities to make sure students an use math and science or even use reading and science.  You can really open the child's mind into a whole new world.  You just have to give them time.  Just the way we do when growing plants.

Science Topic: SPACE
Title of Site: Amazing Space
Web Link:
About the site: Teaching tools provides educators and developers access to all the teaching materials available at Amazing Space. This index includes an 'Overview' with each resource.

Science Topic: Space
Title of Site: NASA - EDUCATORS
Web Link:
About the site: NASA for educators will give you the tools to help the kids explore space, rocks, and other cool things that scientists researched.  Even discuss ways on planning a virtual field trip!!

Science Topic: Weather
Title of Site: Intellicast
Web Link:
About the site: Intellicast gives the students real data and live action of weather around you and other parts of the world.

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