Socal Studies

social studies (n) - Bing Dictionary

so·cial stud·ies
  1. school subject involving study of society: an academic subject devoted to the study of society and including geography, economics, and history

Below are lists of several websites that will help you understand what social studies is and how you can apply it into your classroom.  You can use this also for your pedagogy section of the praxis.  I would highly suggest to look at mini lessons to gain a better understanding of how to reach 80% of the kids within each lesson you teach.

Social Studies for Kids -
Displays a "This Week in History" section which would be useful inside the classroom to show how history eventually repeats it self.  They also break down social issues per grade level in addition to subject matters.

Brain POP / Brain POP Jr

BrainPOP is great for kids.  The site will read stories to them with fun animated characters that talks about any subject matter.  There are fun interactive activies and lesson plans that can be used inside the classroom.  Take a look and see what you can find in Social Studies in your grade level.

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